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Network Services

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Network Services

Computer centre network team has hundreds of years of combined experience in a diverse range of cutting edge technologies. We are able to offer a complete and managed end-to-end IT solution with a variety of services that cover your needs from planning through to delivery and special projects.

Microsoft, Compaq, Hewlett Packard, 3Com… these are just some of the companies that recognise our ability to deliver to end users. We have the brainpower to deliver on messaging, task management, network security, disaster recovery, remote working, internet connectivity, intranet and much much more. As one of London’s largest network solution providers, we have probably designed, built, installed and snagged a network just like yours before and that means you get what you want first time, on time. Our network solutions include:

Network Design and Consultancy

Our comprehensive network consultancy and design service ensures that we bring you appropriate and productive network solutions that precisely answer your business networking needs. An important part of the role we fulfill for our customers is introducing them to technologies that can assist them in achieving their business goals. These include:-

Remote Working
We will help you explore the benefits of remote working for your team and show you the ways in which it can liberate your time, lower your overheads and increase your productivity.

Our Wireless LANs bring flexibility to modern office spaces and allow many older buildings and non-standard work environments to benefit from all the advantages of networking.

Certain mission critical functions like Virus Defence and Back-up can often be more effectively dealt with by an Application Service Provider - and at a lower cost.

Network Implementation

Computer 2k team of managers, engineers and analysts have undertaken hundreds of network implementations and can provide a complete network solution including:

Project Management
You will be designated an experienced project manager to oversee your project, the Status team play a key role in ensuring that your suppliers, users and managers get the information they need during and after the project.

Part of our service is to spare you as much complication and disruption as possible by completing many of the required works off site. Once on site, our engineers are well presented and polite and understand that your business is their primary concern.

Floor Walking and snagging
Half user training, half troubleshooting, our floor walking team will gently sell the new systems to your team ensuring that they develop a sense of ownership and positivity about the change and gain.

On-Site Support Service:

* 24/7 On-site Support Citywide
* 24-Hour Call-out Service
* Pick-up and Drop-off