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PC Performance

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PC Performance Service

Computer centre provides onsite consulting and pick up service for all data recovery jobs. We also accept shipped items for recovery from remote places. Recovery performed on any and all types of media, free initial quote. Depending on the distance of your location from we may charge a trip charge.

Computer centre experienced engineers will repair your drive and recover your data from £39.99. Data backup for non-hardware failure will be £80 to £120.

Whether your hard drive has experienced viruses, accidental deletion or major electrical hardware failure, Computer centre technicians are able to recover fix the hardware and recover data even from:

  • Drives that do not spin.
  • Drives that the BIOS does not see
  • Drives that were reformatted and new operating system loaded
  • Drives damaged by power surges
  • Drives damaged by overheating.
  • Drives damaged by liquids
Other services including:
off-site media storage, forensics and information security auditing.

Drive Repair:
We can repair all Desktop and Laptop Hard Drives. This includes drives in external USB and Firewire cases, Drives in PC, Unix, Apple, Linux machines and other devices that use standard 2.5" or 3.5" hard drives. This includes some MP3 music players and TIVO recorders.

Data Recovery:
We recover files from ALL Microsoft Windows formats, Apple & Linux. This includes, HFS, UFS, FAT and NTFS.

Don't be a victim! Call Computer 2k today!
If You would like to schedule a professional on-site service call: 020 77137358, 020 7278 5780


Data Backup Tips:
Regular data backups are one of the best defenses against data loss. Good backup software can help provide the disciplined, automatic protection that may help you or your company bounce back quickly from data disaster.